In this episode Lydia and Nikole talk about how Lydia's dad's death made a lasting impact on her life; and how pivoting from the direct sales arena - where she worked at the corporate level and made millions of dollars as an independent representative has led to the founding of the Ready, Set, Grow Academy.

Lydia Martinez, AKA “Coach Lydia” is a highly sought-after corporate trainer, speaker and health coach. Her track record of success extends beyond the traditional corporate sales & marketing training. She has also personally recruited, trained, and managed direct sales organizations that have included thousands of independent distributors.

In addition to her extensive sales and marketing skills, Lydia has a deep rooted passion for health and wellness. She has spent the last 20 years continuing to learn and adapt to the latest scientific breakthroughs in health. Lydia’s passion for wanting to grow and help others experience a lifestyle of better health & wellness has allowed her to become the Founder and CEO of Metabolic Method and Metabolic Method Academy and co-founder of the Ready, Set, Grow Academy.

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