Listen in to this episode of Time2Fly, hosted by Jill Fleming, as Manjit talks about business relationships, being conscious about choosing whom you surround yourself with, the transition of leaving a job to become an entrepreneur and being your own best friend and cheerleader.

Manjit Khalsa, is an International author, speaker, educator, coach, change agent and is the creator of Shopping for your Future and Dating Deliciously.

Manjit empowers men and women all around the world using smart questions, laser sharp intuition, and dynamic pragmatic tools that allow you to choose a life that truly works for you.

A life that not only inspires you, but inspires everyone around you to choose something greater for themselves as a result of you being you.

Graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Chemistry and a Master’s Degree in Nano Technology. Manjit has 17 years experience of working with youth in England and Australia to educate and create possibilities often where there were none.

A superb communicator and listener, Manjit has worked as a coach for 10 years, leading and facilitating workshops, retreats and online classes.


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