Jill Fleming interviews Christy Mattoon - a gifted energy psychologist and hands-on-healer.  Christy helps you rewire those unconscious mindsets and beliefs that can be stalling out your life, business or career.  Your thoughts determine your actions and if your thoughts are not in alignment with your goals, there will be a struggle!  

Tune in to learn how Christy helps you neutralize your past to engage your future.

Learn more about Christy Mattoon at MindRewire.com

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CHANGE Rewire your Mind!: How to Get Unstuck, Stop Beating Yourself Up, Stop Self Sabotage, and Stop Living in the Past, Without Drugs, Antidepressants or Years in Therapy

How to Combat Autoimmune Disease and WIN!: Eliminate Subconscious Stress and Self- Defeating Beliefs to Beat Your Symptoms and Diseases, Improve Your Quality of Life, and Achieve Your Dreams

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Music courtesy of Daniel Hoshor - AwakenedYouth.co

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