Tune in to learn about the Sacred Rebel Healing Retreat, a vision, and collaboration of Co-Host Jill Fleming, Christy Mattoon, and Zarina Zertuche.  To get your tickets, please go to

The Sacred Rebel Healing Retreat will be held over three days. Day 1 is going to be Foundational. Day 2 is going to be a deep dive, we are going to dig into those subconscious beliefs that Christy is really great at helping shift. Day 3 we are going to focus on embodiment. Taking the tools learned from Day 1 and Day 2, and really integrating those in so that when the participants leave the retreat, they have tools to go out into the world to really create the life they desire to create.

What is a Sacred Rebel?

We define a Sacred Rebel as being a gift to humanity, that we give with our own choice, to be fully present and aligned individuals. A Rebel is a soul on fire, a warrior on a path, a bird soaring freely, a tidal wave in the ocean, and a force to be reckoned with.

Choosing to be a Rebel means choosing a juicier approach to life. Each embodied choice is made in full awareness with the heart and led by the soul. Within you, there is a free spirit, which refuses to be defined by social structures or identities.

As a Rebel, you choose to be the most integrated version of you in the world; mind, body, and soul. We are putting a call out to the other sacred rebels out there, who want to have a more integrated approach to their life -- mind, body, and soul. Join Us!

How Do You Know if this Retreat is For You? 

This retreat is for you if you feel it tugging at you or continuing to resurface in your awareness. If you feel deep inside your being that this is something that is going to benefit you, and when you attend it's going to help you get to where you desire to be, then this is for you.

Make that commitment to yourself, because when you do that, you're setting yourself in motion for probably one of the best energetic shifts you've ever had in your life. We know from the evidence and the changes we've each received in our own lives, from working together with each other. We want to share our gifts with you!

When you come to a retreat like this, where there's a group of like-minded individuals joining together for a common purpose, the evidence and the results that happen, and the changes that occur are on such a high level, you won't walk away from the retreat as the same person that you walked in as. That is the goal, for you to walk away from this event forever changed for the better and in congruence with your mind, body, and soul.


About the Co-Facilitators:

Christy Mattoon is a cutting edge intuitive, remote energy healer, and energy physiologist. She has worked with people from over 13 countries around the world, including 25 states, to aid them in deep subconscious change. She helps people produce experiential evidence in their lives that drives abundance, high levels of self-worth, and self-esteem, and better relationships.

Christy is very talented in helping people create deep subconscious change. Releasing old negative emotions, releasing beliefs that don't benefit you, releasing unconscious negative thoughts that might be overlapping, and even reoccurring patterns that happen because of your past, or because of the life that you've lived, and even sometimes because of ancestral events that have occurred in your family. She uses a whole brain state, it's something that a number of different protocols use, but what she's done is stripped all the "fluff" to create a process that is the fastest, easiest release possible, that gives you the biggest benefit.

Zarina Zertuche is a life long seeker and intuitive focused on heart-to-heart transformation. Working one on one, she helps other seekers tap into their deeper knowing and soul leading, by examining their relationships to their sacred, and how to integrate it into their daily lives.

Zarina will be facilitating on embodiment. We want the participants to be able to leave with the greatest experiential evidence of their transformation from the weekend and also have the full confidence and knowing in every fiber of their being. To know that they have the tools, the capabilities, and will be operating on another level now. Your vibration has been elevated, and in a way that you can actually feel. In a way that it's tactile, not just mental. It's not just an idea, it's not a hope, and you can actually feel like the difference in your system. That's what we hope every attendee walks away with. That's our goal.

Jill Fleming is sought after speaker, best selling author, and trusted advisor.

As an intuitive business strategist and facilitator of freedom. Jill guides highly sensitive visionary entrepreneurs and professionals through the process of clarifying their vision and creating step-by-step fulfillment plans so they can shine their light brightly in the world and live their best life, starting now. 

During the retreat, Jill will be sharing energy healing and energy clearing techniques, as well as tools that she uses on a daily basis to turn up the frequency of energies that she desires to have in her life, and helping you to really really ground those frequencies in for you. We will be practicing those tools each day so that participants leave the event with those energetic tools in their toolbox so that they can use them on a day to day basis. Participants will leave the retreat dialed in, and tapped into their own awareness.


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